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Projects – Accessories


We have a wide range of accessories, among other a series of Multi Swivel Arms, Inline Sight Glass, Prime water pumps, Constant flow pump, pump for fish offal, Bulk Feeder, Rubber hoses, and all kind of Couplings etc.

Projects – Ice handling

Ice handling

We have many unique ice handling systems, our flow ice machine FIM 10 Automatic can distribute flow ice to several destinations on demand, as well as our FIFO Day Tanks with pneumatic ice distribution.

Projects – Vacuum pumps


Vacuum based fish pumps for use on fishing and aquaculture industri, on pontoon, pier or as container based unloading systems.

We offer about 50 different standard fish pumps with capacities from 2 t fish/h to 500 t fish/h. and a pumping distance up to 2.000 m.

• Pressure and Vacuum pumps
• Vacuum pumps
• Fish pump



Photo – PV-System

Projects – Grading machines

Grading machines

IRAS Tempo grader are made in 15 standard version with
7 – 17 Ø60, Ø76 and Ø100 mm rollers. Roller length up to 4,5 m.

We have graders for both pelagic and the aqua industry, and with many adjustment options, the graders can handle a lot of different species of fish.